[At-Large] Fwd: [council] RySG Invitation to Community Consultation Teleconference on Monday, March 4 -- Discuss ICANN's Proposed Registry Agreement Changes

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>Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 01:39:02 -0500
>Subject: [council] RySG Invitation to Community Consultation 
>Teleconference on Monday,
>  March 4 -- Discuss ICANN's Proposed Registry Agreement Changes
>Dear Councilors,
>I wanted to personally invite each of you as well as members from 
>your SGs and Constituencies to a call being hosted by the RySG and 
>the NTAG on Monday, March 4th.   We look forward to this open 
>consultation with the community.
>**** RySG/NTAG Community-Wide Consultation on the New gTLD Agreement 
>The Registries Stakeholder Group (RySG) and its New gTLD Applicant 
>Group (NTAG) invite your participation in a community-wide 
>consultation teleconference on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 1500 UTC.
>On 5 February 2013, nearly nine months after new gTLD applicants 
>spent hundreds of millions of dollars in anticipation of the new 
>introduction of new gTLDs, ICANN proposed a series of last-minute 
>material changes to the registry agreement contained in the Final 
>New gTLD Applicant Guidebook.  Included within these changes are a 
>brand new process for making additional Public Interest Commitments 
>(PICs), a unilateral right for ICANN to amend the registry 
>agreement, the requirement to use only registrars that have executed 
>the yet-to-be-completed 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement and a 
>host of other changes summarized in a 21-page summary of changes 
>The RySG believes that the latest proposed version of the Final 
>Agreement contains so many serious and fundamental flaws that it 
>should be withdrawn in its entirety and the previously agreed-to 
>version in the Applicant Guidebook should be used. We oppose certain 
>proposed amendments, and believe that other provisions need further 
>thought and refinement. We are equally concerned about the timeline 
>ICANN has imposed on the community's consideration of these 
>proposals, and the mechanism by which ICANN proposes to adopt and 
>implement the changes.
>The issues at stake in the short and long term deserve sufficient 
>time and consideration to ensure that new gTLDs are offered in a 
>secure and stable manner and are successful in fostering innovation 
>via sound business models that support the needs of all stakeholders 
>in ways that have been developed via the bottom-up, multi-stakeholder process.
>The RySG's full public comments are available here: 
>ICANN has posted the proposed changes for public comment which ends 
>on February 26, 2013, with a reply period that closes on March 20, 
>2013.  In order to facilitate the receipt of public input in this 
>short amount of time, the RySG will host this open community-wide 
>consultation to discuss the proposed agreement modifications. The 
>meeting will be held on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 1500 [UTC].  We 
>cordially invite applicants, members of the community, the ICANN 
>Board and the ICANN staff to attend this consultation.
>Please open the attachment to find the Adobe connect link and 
>teleconference details.
>Best regards,
>Jeffrey J. Neuman
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