[At-Large] CEO Fadi's visit to Tokyo

Izumi AIZU iza at anr.org
Mon Feb 18 10:57:09 UTC 2013

I just got an email from ICANN's VP in charge that the lunch meeting
tomorrow is NOT a private meeting and thus anyone interested in (in theory)
can join. In practice, however, given so short notice, I could reach out a
few, perhaps.
They also suggested another meeting in the late afternoon tomorrow, but I
have prior commitment and thus cannot help organize that (which I was

At least a little better, but still not too comfortable - such a casual way
of handing important matters, I am afraid to mention, not surprising,
though as I am so used to
this way by ICANN execs.


2013/2/18 Izumi AIZU <iza at anr.org>

> Dear AtLarge community,
> As an not-so-active member of AtLarge, I like to share the following
> info/question.
> About a week ago, I heard that ICANN CEO Fadi is coming to Tokyo shortly
> from a former member of NomCom and current member of gNSO Council. They did
> not have any information about the specifics and not contacted for any
> possible meeting in Tokyo with him.
> On Thursday last week, I got a call from one of the registrars and
> applicants for new gTLDs, asking to join the lunch with him, as a private
> lunch. I accepted the invitation, but told them I like to have a different
> open meeting and will write to such request to ICANN.
> On Friday, I sent an email to Fadi and some other officers of ICANN
> that it would be much better to add an open meeting with all stakeholders
> in the ICANN community in Japan, but so far no reply came in [yet
> hopefully].
> I got email from Internet Association of Japan that they had not been
> contacted. The government in charge said they will have a meeting.
> No AtLarge, as far as I know, are contacted. ISP association is not
> contacted.
> When the former CEO Rod came to Tokyo, similar thing happened. He only
> contacted selected few organizations and made no public meeting at all.
> Are these convention same elsewhere?  Is there not much attempt to
> "outreach" in recent ICANN world (as before)?
> Am I too naiive and optimistic ?
> izumi

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