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Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sat Feb 16 21:25:01 UTC 2013

Thanks Carlton.

It will be an interesting challenge, but I hope 
you are right that the combination of history and 
engagement will serve us well.


At 16/02/2013 10:17 AM, Carlton Samuels wrote:
>Congratulations to Olivier and Alan.  These selections represent the best
>of the At-large, a great combination representing the history, pervasive
>engagement across a spectrum of ICANN activities and capability to get the
>job done.
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>Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT 2)
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>Composition of the Accountability & Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT 2)
>15 February 2013
>To help ensure ICANN's multi-stakeholder model remains transparent and
>accountable, and to improve its performance, ICANN organizes community
>reviews of its accountability and transparency commitments no less
>frequently than every three years, consistent with section 9.1 of the
>The Accountability and Transparency reviews are performed by volunteer
>Community members and include the following (or their designated nominees):
>the Chair of the GAC, the Chair of the Board of ICANN, the Assistant
>Secretary for Communications and Information of the DOC, representatives of
>the relevant ICANN Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations, and
>independent experts.
>On 5 October 2012, ICANN
>individuals to apply for a position of Volunteer Review Team
>Member, representing a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee, or
>for a position of Independent Expert on the second Accountability and
>Transparency Review Team (ATRT 2).
>The AoC designated Selectors of the ATRT 2 ­Steve Crocker, Chairman of the
>ICANN Board of Directors, and Heather Dryden, Chair of the Governmental
>Advisory Committee (GAC)—wish to thank the applicants for their dedication
>and interest in this key project. In selecting the ATRT 2, multiple factors
>were considered, including experience with governance issues, understanding
>of ICANN’s working practices, consensus-building and analytical skills,
>ability to draw evidence-based conclusions, aptitude to build metrics and
>balances of geography, gender, consistency, etc.
>The overall number of applications received for the ATRT 2 ­ 36 ­
>necessitated difficult choices. After careful review of the applications
>against these criteria, the following individuals were selected to
>participate in the ATRT 2:
>  Volunteer Review Team Members in Representation of ICANN Supporting
>Organizations/ Advisory Committees
>    - Alan Greenberg (ALAC)
>    - Avri Doria (GNSO)
>    - Brian Cute (GNSO)
>    - David Conrad (SSAC)
>    - Demi Getschko (ccNSO)
>    - Fiona Asonga (ASO)
>    - Jørgen Andersen (GAC)
>    - Lise Fuhr (ccNSO)
>    - Olivier Crépin-Leblond (ALAC)
>    - Stephen Conroy (GAC)
>    - Xinsheng Zhang (GAC)
>  Independent Experts
>    - Carlos Raúl Gutierrez
>    - Michael Yakushev
>  (Please refer to
>http://www.icann.org/en/about/aoc-review/atrt/2/composition to view Review
>Team Members' information)
>Ex-officio Members on the Accountability and Transparency Review Team 2
>(ATRT 2) are:
>    - Heather Dryden, Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC);
>    - Lawrence Strickling - Assistant Secretary for Communications and
>    Information of the US Department of Commerce (DOC);
>    - Steve Crocker, Chair of the ICANN Board of Directors.
>The ATRT 2 is anticipated to commence its activities imminently with the
>goal of producing final recommendations by 31 December 2013. ICANN Staff
>will support the Review Team throughout its mandate.
>The AoC sets the following mandate for Accountability and Transparency
>*ICANN commits to maintain and improve robust mechanisms for public input,
>accountability, and transparency so as to ensure that the outcomes of its
>decision-making will reflect the public interest and be accountable to all
>stakeholders by: (a) continually assessing and improving ICANN Board of
>Directors (Board) governance which shall include an ongoing evaluation of
>Board performance, the Board selection process, the extent to which Board
>composition meets ICANN's present and future needs, and the consideration
>of an appeal mechanism for Board decisions; (b) assessing the role and
>effectiveness of the GAC and its interaction with the Board and making
>recommendations for improvement to ensure effective consideration by ICANN
>of GAC input on the public policy aspects of the technical coordination of
>the DNS; (c) continually assessing and improving the processes by which
>ICANN receives public input (including adequate explanation of decisions
>taken and the rationale thereof); (d) continually assessing the extent to
>which ICANN's decisions are embraced, supported and accepted by the public
>and the Internet community; and (e) assessing the policy development
>process to facilitate enhanced cross community deliberations, and effective
>and timely policy development.*
>*Resulting recommendations of the reviews will be provided to the Board and
>posted for public comment. The Board will take action within six months of
>receipt of the recommendations.*
>Schedule and Operations
>The ATRT will conduct its activities primarily online and through
>conference calls. Face-to-face meetings also are anticipated.
>For more information on the work of the ATRT 2, please visit the newly
>created WIKI page at
>https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=40176025 which
>will be updated as the ATRT 2’s work progresses to keep the ICANN community
>apprised of the latest information.
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