[At-Large] Congrats to ATRT2 members Alan, Avri and Olivier!

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat Feb 16 16:30:38 UTC 2013

On 16 Feb 2013, at 01:09, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> If you count Avri as a half ALAC, there are more people from At-Large on
> the ATRT2 than any other constituency besides the GAC.

Thanks to all who are congratulating me.  And congratulations to Alan and Olivier.  I think that we do cover a wide breadth of viewpoints, but I beleive we are all committed to ICANN and its goals of Transparency and Accountability.  

I don't beleive, however, I can be counted as half ALAC.  I am not a member of ALAC, nor have I ever been a member of ALAC.

What I am is simultaneously a member both of the At-Large and of the NCSG/GNSO. I beleive these entities are functionally orthogonal but often complementary.  

As for ALAC, in so far as it serves the At-Large, I do support it.  As many on this list probably also know, tough, there is a lot more I wish ALAC did to represent, understand and serve the interests of the At-Large - topics for future emails.

As with Adam, I do wish there had been greater gender and geographical parity, but am very happy to have been included on the list.  I'll do my best to honor the selectors' choice.


Ps. I try not to do anything halfway.

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