[At-Large] protecting domain speculators from oversight

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Jan 24 22:46:31 UTC 2013

Dear Karl,

thanks for your interesting arguments.

On 24/01/2013 21:23, Karl Auerbach wrote:
> My personal belief is that if one wants to try to penetrate those
> records that one should have to initiate civil legal process by
> submitting a properly formed legal complaint that states a concrete
> cause of action and then to use standard procedures to have the
> registrar of record disclose the desired information.

That reasoning is obsolete. This is the Internet. It's international. It
is full of people who do not care about this legal mumble jumble. That
includes people who get scammed from phishing and make.money.fast schemes.

Warmest regards,

(personal views)

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