[At-Large] whois, weirds, and slaves

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sun Jan 20 04:03:27 UTC 2013

>> From what you are saying, the messages given at Toronto aren't going to 
>> happen.

The IETF is 100% run by volunteers, and is open to anyone willing to show 
up and do the work.  Most of the work is done on mailing lists and by 
submitting and reviewing draft documents online, so the barriers to 
participation are very low.

Nevertheless, of the many people who insisted it was very very very 
important that WEIRDS produce a spec for names, approximately none of them 
are on the WIERDS mailing list or have done any work.  Thie tells me, and 
the rest of the IETF, that in fact the ICANN community does not consider 
this to be an important problem.  (If it's not important enough for you to 
work on it, it's not important for us, either.)

> I hope, therefore, at the Beijing meeting, you - or someone from the 
> group - will give a presentation

Sorry, I have actual work to do for real clients and a $0 budget for ICANN 
junkets.  If someone thinks it's worth putting together a talk for 
Beijing, the drafts and the list archives are not hard to find.


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