[At-Large] Whither EU Data Protection Laws

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Sat Jan 19 17:52:51 UTC 2013

...and extensions thereto, like, the one on being forgotten!  That one had
more holes than commonsense and a slice of Swiss cheese could accommodate.

FWIW, this has implications for WHOIS.  Or, whatever we will choose to call

Doubt is good.  It is the beginning of real knowledge.

There's a discussion paper on "*certain key issues*" from the Informal Home
and Justice Minister's Meeting at Dublin last week.  Somebody is finally
waking up to the idea that traditional notions of authority and
authorisation, use and utility and storage have long gone. Yes, that
passions aside, the interactions are way more complex.

In a strange kind of way, it appears they are now keying in to the world
since yesterday, how data and information transmutate and, is transformed
on use.  And some notions of the commons.......and the responsibilities of
those who seek to be on the commons.  I've attached it here.

Here's a companion NYT story:


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