[At-Large] Fellowship Application Round for ICANN 47 in Durban, South Africa is Open

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Jan 15 23:29:01 UTC 2013

Dear Janice,

Great, as Always!!! And in addition to all of these fellows having found
a "home" in ICANN, several have actually not only found a home in
At-Large but some have registered their organisation, or an organisation
they were involved with, as an At-Large Structure (ALS). It is partly
thanks to your efforts that I am glad to let you know that At-Large has
reached 151 ALSes. For this, I have to thank you!

Best Wishes,


On 15/01/2013 03:02, Janice Douma Lange wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Please outreach to your communities and network with acquaintances to
> let them know that the Application round for the ICANN 47 in Durban
> South Africa is now open.  Please see the banner on top of the ICANN
> webpage to find out more:  _http://www.icann.org/_
> The Fellowship Program will mark its 6th year in Durban, and we are
> excited about the work of our alumni these past years-- here are some
> examples:
>   * _Dalsie Greenrose Kalna Baniala_
>     <http://www.diplomacy.edu/SCM/scripts/Pool/GetBin.asp?IDPool=1382> from
>     Vanuatu, Tracy Hackshaw/Trinidad and Tobago, Gao Mosweu/Botswana
>     and Sam Goundar
>     <http://www.diplomacy.edu/SCM/scripts/Pool/GetBin.asp?IDPool=1383> from
>     Fiji were allcited as Emerging Leaders for the Digital Worldfor
>     raising awareness of Internet governance issuesin their regions
>   * Gabriella Szlak and Celia Lerman, both lawyers from
>     Argentina,joined the Business Constituencyand as well as directing
>     and coordinatingeGobernanza Initiative in conjunction with
>     Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
>     _http://www.einstituto.org/site/iniciativas/egobernanza/_
>   * Dr. Sarmad Hussein, Pakistanand Narayan Gangalaramsamy, Mauritius
>     were invited into SSAC
>   * Siranush Vardanyana member of EURALO/At Large, has submitted
>     anapplication for a new ALS in Armenia
>   * Margarita Valdes Cortes, Jacqueline Morris, Yaovi Atohounand
>     Siranush Vardanyan have all served or are serving on the
>     Nominating Committee
>   * Walusungu Gondweof Malawi joined Amr Elsadr/ Egypt, Blaise
>     Arbouet/Haiti, Dwi Elfrida Simanungkalit/Indonesia,Hago
>     Dafalla/Sudan, Mohab Altlaity/Egypt,MagalyPazello/Brazil, Yuanyuan
>     (Leslie) Guan/China, Oksana Prykhodko/Ukraine, Raquel
>     Gatto/Brazil, Virgina Paque/Venezuala,Shefqet Meda/Albania, Salieu
>     Taal/Gambiaand Imran Ahmed Shah/Pakistanin the gNSO/NCUC
>   * Hago Dafalla continues to bring his contributions through
>     participation in Internet Governance Forums(Sudan, Kuwait and
>     Egypt to name a few)
>   * Abibu Rashid Ntahigiye/Tanzaniawill begin serving on the ccNSO
>     Council in Beijing, Arnold Chetty from Seychelles applied for
>     membership to the ccNSOcouncillate last year andSokol Haxhiuis a
>     ccNSO councilor from Albania
>   * Sonny Zulhuda, SiranushVardanyan, FatimaCambronero, UlkarBayramova
>     <http://www.internetsociety.org/who-we-are/igf-ambassador/ulkar-bayramova>,
>     Natalia Encisco, Tracy Hackshaw and Sorina Teleanuall participated
>     in Baku at theIGF(5 as ISOC ambassadors)
>   * Grace Githaiga coordinated both the Kenya IGF and the East Africa IGF
>   * Karlene Francis kept busy in Jamaica implementing a regional
>     egovernment project in six OECS countries
>   * Eddy Kayihura was instrumental in the process of redelegation of
>     .rw to RICTA
>   * Zmarialai Wafa from Afghanistanand a member of ccNSO,has stayed
>     actively working with ICANN Security team in his role in the
>     Afghanistan Ministry of Communications
>   * María Dolores Puyjoined NPOCafter her second fellowship opportunity
>   * Tatiana Chirev and Fahd Batayneh both are serving on the
>     Fellowship Selection committee (Fahd also member of ccNSO and
>     several WGs)
>   * Olga Cavalli, Sorina Teleanu, Tracy Hackshaw, Nelly Stoyanova,
>     Tepua Hunter, . Jolden J. Johnnyboy, Gary Campbell,Victor Martinez
>     Vanegas, Rachida Fakhri, Pokotoa Sipeli, Syed Iftikhar H. Shah,
>     Nicolas Caballero, Saso Dimitrijoskiand Ivo Ivanovskihave been or
>     are seated in the GAC
>   * At Large is home to many of our fellows including Tijani Ben
>     Jemaa, Baudouin, Schombe, Wilson Abigaba, Fatima Cambronero,
>     Natalia Encisco, Victor Ndonnang(organizer of an IPv6 Launch day
>     in Cameroon 2012), Jose Francisco Arcewho has been serving as
>     Chair and President of LACRALOfor over a year,Pastor Peters
>     Omoragbon, Sivasubramanian Muthusamy, Moataz Shaarawy, Fouad
>     Bajwa, Jean Marie Altema, Shaarawy Abd Elbaky,
> There are more stories than listed and we will continue sharing; in
> the meantime, all of the alumni and I appreciate your support of the
> program and look forward to seeing many of you inBeijing; feel free to
> drop by the Newcomer Area, a morning meeting or the Sunday Social to
> meet current and future ICANN participants and leaders.
> Janice

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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