[At-Large] Fw: Internet Traffic Exchanges - A Very Successful Model

Pranesh Prakash pranesh at cis-india.org
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Ma et al. — and a number of others too — have been looking inefficiencies 
in current peering and transit models (especially ISPs using 
self-interested routing mechanisms such as using the hot-potato algorithm, 
because the cost of doing so do not result in profit, though it benefits 
the system as a whole).

Ma et al.
"Internet Economics: The Use of Shapley Value for ISP Settlement"

Ma et al.
"On cooperative settlement between content, transit, and eyeball internet 
service providers"

Cheung et al.
"Can bilateral ISP peering lead to network-wide cooperative settlement"

Mycek et al.
"Cooperative multi-provider routing optimization and income distribution"

Carlton Samuels [2012-10-24 23:18]:
> ....peering agreements are instituted on a handshake.
> This should be of interest in areas of the world where the challenge to
> Internet for the many is access...and the [direct and indirect] costs of
> access.
> It makes the case for IXPs and their widespread proliferation. This is not
> to say there aren't increasingly contentious challenges on the horizon...
> http://oecdinsights.org/2012/10/22/internet-traffic-exchange-2-billion-users-and-its-done-on-a-handshake/
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