[At-Large] Clash of the Titans!

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Mon Oct 15 22:18:25 UTC 2012

Message to you: doubt always.

Let's not talk about Macs and iPhones.  Let's talk about CISCO network
devices that are now embedded in the Internet infrastructure worldwide.
 The fact is most of that gear is assembled in China. Or places the Chinese
could reach right quick.

Here's what's fascinating to me. If the case is fear that Chinese
government access to these devices could impair their operation for
nefarious political purposes and knowing how Cisco gear is used around the
world, the Chinese would somehow eschew the opportunity to embed 'stuff' in
that gear at source.  Incredible!

Why would they miss this really really low hanging fruit to exploit?

- Carlton

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> Dear All,
> *US Position on Huawei and ZTE*
> This is the Investigative Report that was released by the US House
> Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman and Ranking Member
> Investigative Report on The U.S. National Security Issues Posed by
> Chinese Telecommunications Companies Huawei and ZTE. You can access it via
> http://intelligence.house.gov/sites/intelligence.house.gov/files/documents/Huawei-ZTE%20Investigative%20Report%20%28FINAL%29.pdf
> *China's Response [China Daily: Qi Li]*
> Qi Li writes an Article titled US Politicians' Hypocrisy, see:
> http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/business/2012-10/15/content_15817855.htm
> I am wondering about what the Macs that are made in China??? Is this really
> about merchandise or is this just the clash of the Titans?
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