[At-Large] R: Board solicitation of input on how it should receive input and advice

Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro salanieta.tamanikaiwaimaro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 22:07:44 UTC 2012

Dear All,

My personal views are that it is a redundant use of time and scarce
resources and a wiki would suffice to extract views and solicit
consultation. There are far more pressing concerns that the ALAC should
deal with.

If Alan is happy to work towards putting something together, by all means
we will support you where we can. I suspect that the reason the Board may
be doing this is that they are being bombarded by lobbyists and the like
who have been cornering them everywhere and who won't let them go until
their concerns are looked into.

Personally I think this is an area that could be resolved by directing the
CEO to issue instructions to ICANN Legal to create an internal policy paper
[administrative] on the matter on practicable solutions. I would have
thought that ICANN since inception would already have clear procedures for
this anyway. Once this is developed then it can be put for Public comments
but not to be treated like some other technical policy consultation.


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