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Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 23:04:29 UTC 2012

Thanks for posting this Michele.  Mildly interesting development.

For one, These Article 29 fellas are behind the curve on the changes in
ICANN leadership. For I'm sure Fadi Chehade's ascension to CEO was
announced almost 2 weeks before their note, dated 26th September here.
 Anyhoo, makes for a perfect takeoff point.

So now, the Article 29 fellas object to annual - yes, annual - verification
of email and phone numbers of registrants.  But not before they groused
that the original purpose of the WHOIS was recorded as to facilitate
contact on 'technical' issues!  And any other use is, ipso facto, at least
unsporting, if not illegal.

We are back in time.

Here's another telling observation.  They feel the 'root cause'  for
inaccurate WHOIS data  is 'the unlimited public accessibility of private
contact details in the WHOIS database'!

Well.... um.....let me tell you a story.  Back in the day when you go to
Disneyland - the one in California - they had a target shooting game out
front. When you missed, an old cowboy image would up and chortle '*lock up
the wimmin' and chil'ren, Ol' Cockeye's got a gun*'.  This position does
nothing but give comfort and succor to the common crooks now plaguing us.

Mind you, I could get mildly stimulated by the reasoning they used to
deplore the requirement for data retention for 2 years after a contract has
expired.  Yes, that is excessive and unwarranted.  And that is the only
positive thing I can say with good grace.

It is always intriguing to me that those who argue for unfettered privacy
rights for registrants always conflate and make indivisible the interests
of registrants with those of ordinary users.  And quite apart from the fact
that the Article 29 folks seem to submerge the interests of all 2+billion
worldwide Internet users to those of registrants who are EU citizens  - or,
maybe, the 20% or so of Internet users who are EU citizens -  I'm wondering
whether they were party to the Safe Harbour protocols?  Maybe Madame forgot
their invitation to the last hi-level conference in DC?

Then again, I might change my mind when I see what they make of the CleanIT

- Carlton

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