[At-Large] ICANN News Alert -- Update on Registrar Accreditation Agreement Amendments

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Sep 26 13:58:42 UTC 2012

At 26/09/2012 08:46 AM, Eduardo Diaz wrote:

>In some instances (i.e. whoever wants to fake their info) email and
>telephone verification will be valid just up to the moment the domain gets
>registered. Both email and telephone can be made bogus after that.  Just
>like Yellow Pages books, once they are published  they are already
>You can have all the rules in place to try to "verify" who you are by
>chequing Email & Tel at the moment of registration but in going forward who
>knows who you are if these are not valid anymore.

All true. But verification does cover a large subset of issues where 
deception is not part of the plan, and for those where it is, it 
complicated the process.

>What about using a third party certifier before being able to register a
>domain? Kind of a global domain passport? Is this something that can be

I'm not party to the discussions, but my take is that it is certainly 
possible and would also increase the cost and delay of registering a 
name (particularly your first one) very significantly. Just think of 
the effort and cost of getting a certificate for certifying a web site.

Whether it is worth that or not, another question.


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