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 Trademark Clearinghouse Update: Implementation Material for Public Comment

24 September 2012

The Trademark Clearinghouse is one of several important enhanced rights
protection mechanisms that have been built into the New gTLD Program. The
Clearinghouse will accept and authenticate rights information, and will
support both trademark claims and sunrise services, required in all new

Today, ICANN is publishing two explanatory memoranda related to the
Trademark Clearinghouse for a 45-day public comment period:

   1. Implementing the Proof of Use
176 KB] – This memo describes the procedures to be used by the
   Clearinghouse to verify proof of use associated with a trademark where
   2. Implementing the Matching
194 KB] – This memo provides the detailed explanation of how a
   "match" is determined between a trademark record and a domain name, for
   purposes of the sunrise and claims processes.

 The public comment period opened 24 September 2012 and will close on 7
November 2012 at 23:59 UTC.

To access the public comment forum see

In addition to the explanatory memoranda above, the current draft version
of the Trademark Clearinghouse
1.285 MB] is available for review. This Requirements
1.285 MB] details the responsibilities of the Trademark Clearinghouse
provider, expanding upon the Clearinghouse Request for Information (RFI) to
define the specific requirements of the Clearinghouse at a detailed level.
It is informed by the gTLD Applicant
as well as inputs from the Implementation Assistance Group
other community discussions.

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