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Save the Date: Webinar on Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS)

24 September 2012

ICANN will host a webinar to on 3 October 2012 at 15:00 UTC to inform
discussion in Toronto and continue development of the Uniform Rapid
Suspension system. The URS is an important new rights protection mechanism
in the New gTLD Program, intended to provide low-cost, rapid relief to
trademark holders for the most clear-cut cases of infringement, and to
complement the existing Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

The webinar is open to any interested participants. This is part of a
series of planned consultations on URS implementation. Early feedback from
UDRP providers and others indicated that the cost of the URS procedure as
written would be likely to exceed targets, driving additional feedback and
discussion in the community.

During ICANN 44 in Prague, community stakeholders participated in a session
on the URS. Participants discussed possible adaptations to the URS that
could help satisfy the goals of an efficient, low-cost process, while
retaining the registrant protections embedded in the process. Suggestions
from participants included:

   - Limiting substantive review. For example, when there is no reply from
   the registrant, a decision could be taken by a case handler without the
   need for a panelist's substantive review.
   - Limiting the scope of URS cases. For example, accepting only
   complaints related to trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse,
   in order to eliminate validation costs.
   - Subsidization of costs by ICANN. Retain the current procedure, but
   ICANN could subsidize service providers to achieve low URS fees and review
   the URS after 18 months.
   - Seeking volunteers or pro-bono assistance.
   - Automation or simplification. Use web interfaces and email where
   possible. Eliminate administrative burdens associated with loser pays, the
   requirement for multiple communication channels and appeals.

The upcoming webinar will set out to develop some of those proposals for
possible implementation. A session during the ICANN meeting in Toronto is
also planned to advance this work. See the meeting
page<http://toronto45.icann.org/>for additional details.

To RSVP, please send an email to newgtldcommunications at icann.org. For those
interested but not able to participate, a recording will be posted after
the session.

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