[At-Large] The CleanIT Project was Intended to facilitate large-scale surveillance

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 20:03:03 UTC 2012

Nope, wrong again.   This is not about the usual suspects and zealous
action to make them little fellers 'democratic' and act 'democratic', stop
all that censorship and filtering crap. The document contends that the
CleanIT project was a 'trojan horse', intended to suborn private companies
to do what 'western' governments don't do openly...and hate to be
associated, filter content and round-the-clock surveillance users.

This one is a winner: the plan suborns the very business and operational
model of the companies at issue.  Gotta recognize sharp minds when you see
it!  It has a policy framework, all laid out for the politicians. It
provides a legal framework for the program, citing existing rules and
processes.  It sets out for discussion ways to co-opt you, John Q. Public,
as a witting - as well as non-witting - operator.  And it wants to do all
this via conduits other than government.  You feel the hand of Esau even as
you hear the voice of Jacob.

The British plan to same objective was hamfisted, in comparison.  Seems
somebody has been noticing how easy it is to farm out these ticklish issues
- like censorship and surveillance - to private companies - Microsoft and
Google have been recent examples in one or other form - if you can tap into
their business and operational model without leaving fingerprints.  [See,
no hands, ma!]  So they doubled down. Read the story here:

See the whole document here:  http://www.edri.org/files/cleanIT_sept2012.pdf

- Carlton

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