[At-Large] [ALAC] ELECTION CALL for ALAC Officers to serve from 22 October 2012 to ICANN AGM 2013

sandra hoferichter info at hoferichter.eu
Wed Sep 19 06:35:14 UTC 2012

I am agains rotation just for the seek of rotation. It is good to reelect after a short period, to have a possibility to replace an insufficient officer, but if the performance of a committee is as excellent as of the one we have, I see no reason to replace anyone, if all are willing to continue. 

I made some experiences in another international organisation, where a 'one year to lead' rule causes difficulties in sustainability.  

Best Sandra

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Am 19.09.2012 um 02:50 schrieb cintra.sooknanan at gmail.com:

> +1 
> Not only have the immediate past excom members done a superb job... But it is important that we continue to have an excom comprised of very competent and experienced members given the current and ongoing environmental and strategic changes of ICANN.
> I do agree that continuity and contingency planning is important for alac but to do so at this critical juncture will work to our disadvantage. 
> Regards
> Cintra Sooknanan
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> I share Evan's sentiments...and offer the same mea culpa.
> Let us be clear here.  I went to the Internal list before the call for
> nominations with my perspective on Olivier's leadership because  I wished
> to offer a view  - maybe a peculiar one - of what really makes the ALAC of
> notice in ICANN affairs.
> I truly believe that it takes gumption, a certain diplomatic skill, will
> and the time to commit to do what Olivier has done.  And all for free.
> IMHO, these are major reasons -vested in the Chair - for what we have
> collectively achieved.  Yes, all others of the Ex-Com, and indeed some
> colleagues not of the Ex-Com, have played significant roles. Because once

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