[At-Large] Heidi in the ICANN Executive team

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Mon Sep 17 01:16:16 UTC 2012

On 16 Sep 2012, at 16:26, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> Is there anything specific you have in mind when referring to senior staff
> "governing the activities" of At-Large?


No nothing specific. 

And as I said, I am sure that everything will be alright, and that we are entering a new age of cooperative multistakeholder ICANN nirvana.  
I will repeat,  I am very happy for Heidi, who is among the many staff members I trust, respect, and like a bunch.

My experience with the senior management staff  of ICANN has taught me to be cautious.  

Building on the two possible vision-types of ICANN:

A. a multistakeholder volunteer organization with a professional staff that assists the volunteers with all policy creation and then operationalizes and enforces those policies

B. a 100 Million USD non-profit US corporation run like a for profit business where the staff has among its duties, managing large groups of often obstreperous volunteers.

When senior management staff has taken a form of View B, often the better attention has been distracting, to put it mildly.

I personally have no idea yet whether the new ICANN leadership's view  ICANN is closer to pole A or B.  

Hence I  look at everything from both sides now.


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