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I have a lot of problems when we start to talk of enforcement. If we need to 
deal with that word, then it may be for several reasons. I am not going to 
explore the reasons though, but one observation is that the rules are not 
properly written to the extent that I would say that they are poorly 
structured; they are unclear and at times most ambiguous. This is a feature 
right through all ICANN rules. They do not properly convey the intent of the 
drafters or the intent of the stakeholders. They leave too much to 
interpretation and then everybody has their own interpretation leading to 
conflict and differences of opinion pervading.

In this case, it is not a question of enforcement because people are 
enforcing or following what they understand the rules to say. This is one 
reason why the LACRALO GA, could not get past its agenda after 4 hours and 
prior to and after the GA, there are all sorts of contentions, especially as 
it relates to cultural and political differences within the region of 
Caribbean and LA. So when you go to enforce, which interpretation will you 
be using? What will make your interpretation correct? Are we on all fours 
when it comes to interpretation?

Rules must be clear and unambiguous otherwise there will be confusion in all 
types and forms.


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While I was co-chairing the VI WG, the comment about "why are we setting
rules if ICANN is unable/unwilling to enforce them?" has been made over and
over again. One of the very few consensus recommendation of the WG was
indeed to beef up compliance.
The fact that the new CEO is listening should be an incentive for us to
develop even more policy recommendation coming from the AtLarge community.

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Great to see Compliance reporting directly to the CEO. Interesting to see
Sally's appointment. It is also welcoming to see feedback given by the
community incorporated into the decision making process.

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> <http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-14sep12-en.ht
> m
> >http<
> http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-14sep12-en.htm
> >:// www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-14sep12-en.htm
> New ICANN CEO is Out of the Blocks with Ambitious Operational Plans
> Fadi Chehadé Assumes Top Spot Two Weeks Early
> 14 September 2012
> Los Angeles, California... Fadi Chehadé today officially assumed the
> position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet
> Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He assumed his
> position two weeks ahead of his planned start date.
> Chehadé's appointment as CEO had been announced on 22 June, though he
> was not expected to assume his role until 1 October. Chief Operating
> Officer
> (COO) Akram Atallah had been serving as the interim CEO and will now
> reassume his role as COO.
> Today Chehadé thanked Atallah for assuming the top spot during the
> summer and then, during a staff meeting, he explained his plans for
> the future.
> "I have spent the past two months asking myself and many others from
> all over the Internet community worldwide the same questions," said
> Chehadé. "How can ICANN work better with its stakeholders to bring all
> interested parties to the table to debate and agree how to improve the
> DNS? How can we ensure that all global citizens can share an open
> Internet which is sustainable and resilient?"
> Chehade's strategy puts ICANN's stakeholders at its heart. The
> organization's staff will be brought together in collaborative teams
> organized in a global matrix that distributes key functions and
> leaders across the world to accelerate effective engagement.
> Chehadé's leadership team combines deep ICANN experience with fresh
> perspectives from international executives. Among the changes he
> announced today:
>     * Akram Atallah's role will be expanded to include oversight of
> Registry and Registrar Services, the new generic Top-Level Domain
> (gTLD) program, Security and other important activities.
>     * Tarek Kamel, Senior Advisor to the President of ICANN, who
> currently leads the development of an Africa strategy, will assume the
> role of Senior Advisor for Government Affairs, leading all aspects of
> Government Engagement.
>     * Sally Costerton, most recently CEO of Hill & Knowlton Public
> Relations for Europe, the Middle East and Asia has been tapped to lead
> the new position of Stakeholder Engagement, a role that will
> incorporate the communications function.
> Both Costerton and Kamel will be based in ICANN's European region and
> will report directly to the CEO. Their goal is to strengthen ICANN's
> international engagement at all levels, and to implement the global
> matrix alongside ICANN's regional vice presidents.
> Chehadé said his other direct reports would include:
>     * Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, who will take on a new role
> as Chief of Strategy.
>     * John Jeffrey, General Counsel and Secretary of the ICANN Board,
> who will continue in that role.
>     * David Olive, Vice President of Policy, who will also continue in
> his current role.
> In a further organizational development, Chehadé announced that Maguy
> Serad, Senior Director of Contractual Compliance will be promoted to
> Vice President of Contractual Compliance, with her department
> reporting directly to the CEO.
> "I've spent the summer putting the right team in place – looking deep
> within ICANN and beyond to find the best mix of talents to help me to
> fulfill ICANN's mission," said Chehadé. "Frankly I am impressed and
> humbled by what these diverse leaders bring to the table. I've been
> fortunate to have great support from the ICANN Board as well as the
> staff and I know that we will be able to build upon the organization's
> many achievements."
> "The Board has consulted extensively with Fadi through the past couple
> of months and has spent this week in session with him and his
> leadership team reviewing his plans," said Dr. Stephen Crocker, ICANN
> Board Chair. "We are very supportive and will do everything we can to
> help the ICANN team deliver successfully. "
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