[At-Large] Heidi in the ICANN Executive team

Vanda Scartezini vanda at uol.com.br
Sat Sep 15 17:07:32 UTC 2012

Dear Heidi!
Finally they reconized your capacity! You remember when at the board I said so many times the best staff was you and Nick! I am so glad you got it. Nobody else deserves more than you! Lots of success to you!!! Kisses + kisses
Vanda Scartezini from BlackBerry

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Thanks very much, Sebastien and all, for your kind notes of congratulations. I, and the At-Large staff team, are looking forward to being able to support the At-Large community in a more effective manner.

The fact that the Board and staff were in a meeting together is another sign of positive changes at ICANN. As Olivier noted, it is indeed a new Chapter for ICANN and for At-Large.  Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

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I was - as Board member - at the meeting this morning in the ICANN LA offices' for the new CEO (Fadi Chehade) presentation.
A lot of announcement and good news.

I would like to congratulate Heidi.
Heidi is now member of the ICANN Staff Executive team.
I am sure it a very good news for our community.
And also part of the work of At-Large.
Thanks also to At-Large staff team.
Well done.

All the best

Sébastien Bachollet
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