[At-Large] [ALAC] New ICANN CEO is Out of the Blocks with Ambitious Operational Plans

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sat Sep 15 02:19:15 UTC 2012

Yes, and at a VP level, which is what she always should have been.


At 14/09/2012 04:32 PM, Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro wrote:
>Great to see Compliance reporting directly to 
>the CEO. Interesting to see Sally's appointment. 
>It is also welcoming to see feedback given by 
>the community incorporated into the decision making process.
>Kind Regards,
>On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 8:22 AM, Alan Greenberg 
><<mailto:alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> wrote:
>New ICANN CEO is Out of the Blocks with Ambitious Operational Plans
>Fadi Chehadé Assumes Top Spot Two Weeks Early
>14 September 2012
>Los Angeles, California... Fadi Chehadé today
>officially assumed the position of President and
>Chief Executive Officer of the Internet
>Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
>(ICANN). He assumed his position two weeks ahead of his planned start date.
>Chehadé's appointment as CEO had been announced
>on 22 June, though he was not expected to assume
>his role until 1 October. Chief Operating Officer
>(COO) Akram Atallah had been serving as the
>interim CEO and will now reassume his role as COO.
>Today Chehadé thanked Atallah for assuming the
>top spot during the summer and then, during a
>staff meeting, he explained his plans for the future.
>"I have spent the past two months asking myself
>and many others from all over the Internet
>community worldwide the same questions," said
>Chehadé. "How can ICANN work better with its
>stakeholders to bring all interested parties to
>the table to debate and agree how to improve the
>DNS? How can we ensure that all global citizens
>can share an open Internet which is sustainable and resilient?"
>Chehade's strategy puts ICANN's stakeholders at
>its heart. The organization's staff will be
>brought together in collaborative teams organized
>in a global matrix that distributes key functions
>and leaders across the world to accelerate effective engagement.
>Chehadé's leadership team combines deep ICANN
>experience with fresh perspectives from
>international executives. Among the changes he announced today:
>   * Akram Atallah's role will be expanded to
>include oversight of Registry and Registrar
>Services, the new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)
>program, Security and other important activities.
>   * Tarek Kamel, Senior Advisor to the
>President of ICANN, who currently leads the
>development of an Africa strategy, will assume
>the role of Senior Advisor for Government
>Affairs, leading all aspects of Government Engagement.
>   * Sally Costerton, most recently CEO of Hill
>& Knowlton Public Relations for Europe, the
>Middle East and Asia has been tapped to lead the
>new position of Stakeholder Engagement, a role
>that will incorporate the communications function.
>Both Costerton and Kamel will be based in ICANN's
>European region and will report directly to the
>CEO. Their goal is to strengthen ICANN's
>international engagement at all levels, and to
>implement the global matrix alongside ICANN's regional vice presidents.
>Chehadé said his other direct reports would include:
>   * Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, who will
>take on a new role as Chief of Strategy.
>   * John Jeffrey, General Counsel and Secretary
>of the ICANN Board, who will continue in that role.
>   * David Olive, Vice President of Policy, who
>will also continue in his current role.
>In a further organizational development, Chehadé
>announced that Maguy Serad, Senior Director of
>Contractual Compliance will be promoted to Vice
>President of Contractual Compliance, with her
>department reporting directly to the CEO.
>"I've spent the summer putting the right team in
>place – looking deep within ICANN and beyond to
>find the best mix of talents to help me to
>fulfill ICANN's mission," said Chehadé. "Frankly
>I am impressed and humbled by what these diverse
>leaders bring to the table. I've been fortunate
>to have great support from the ICANN Board as
>well as the staff and I know that we will be able
>to build upon the organization's many achievements."
>"The Board has consulted extensively with Fadi
>through the past couple of months and has spent
>this week in session with him and his leadership
>team reviewing his plans," said Dr. Stephen
>Crocker, ICANN Board Chair. "We are very
>supportive and will do everything we can to help
>the ICANN team deliver successfully. "
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