[At-Large] WHOIS Survey WG Survey

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Sep 14 19:30:20 UTC 2012


The GNSO WHOIS Survey WG has gone live with its survey concerning many aspects of the WHOIS service.  A lot of work by many people has gone into this.  The survey has been commented and several people, including I beleive some from At-Large tested an earlier version of the survey and made helpful comments.

The WG hopes a lot of people take this survey so that it has the widest possible and most diverse perspective.  

Who better than At-Large for that sort of task.

Please feel free to skip any question that you feel  does not apply to you.  And take advantage of the ability to stop and then continue at a later time.  It is long
and some questions take time to think through, or at least they did me.  Some of them I think I am still thinking about.

In addition to taking this yourself, please feel free to pass it on to your organizations and networks.



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