[At-Large] Net Neutrality Debate goes to WCIT-12

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Greetings from the far seas!

This is an excellent piece. I like how he discusses how the value chain for
content was driven up by the end user through unauthorised data mining  and
how now content providers are asking for us to pay for content.

I agree with Geoff that 10 years ago it was about the $$$ and how today
very little has changed. I am not saying that making money is bad as there
is nothing wrong with money, it causes things to be built etc. However, the
reality is that when it comes to things like the Internet where there is
alot of interdependence of networks, consumers or end users, there is an
expected manner of behaviour. As has been the evolution from the wild wild
west where one had a lack of regulation to each man his own and the need
for "order" to be able to protect the weak and vulnerable and those who
cannot speak.

Until the world can control it unbridled lust for power, control, dominion
then there will be no need for regulations and regulators. Until then, you
still need the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) keeping a check
on the likes of Verizon, AT&T and others or Body of   European Regulators
for Electronic Communications (BEREC) that keep a check on the likes of
European Telcos and ISPs or other Regulators around the world.

Even if we say no to ETNO chances are that our voices are not going to be
heard. But to make your voices heard, write submissions to the European

The European Commission opened Public Consultation on Network Neutrality on
23rd July, 2012 where responses should be sent before 15 October, 2012.

What was notable about the Press Release was that there were reports of
deliberate slowing down of traffic and how some subscribers were affected.

I should also mention that Diplo has an excellent Resource kit on the
Subject, see:

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> An excellent background piece...should be required reading IMHO:
> http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2012-07/carriagevcontent.html
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