[At-Large] Summary of Trademark Clearing House Meeting [Remote Streaming]

Rudi Vansnick rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Tue Aug 21 16:33:39 UTC 2012

Dear all,

When reading through the Trademark Clearinghouse: Preliminary Cost Model (version 1 June 2012) I was surprised reading the following paragraph :

> Services to Registries
> Initial implementation and fee discussions indicate that registries will pay for access to the Clearinghouse database. Further details are still being worked out; however, initial estimates based on currently available information indicate that a set-up fee of USD 7,000 - 10,000 will be due per TLD registry. The set-up fee would cover Sunrise and Trademark Claims processes as established by ICANN, as well as assistance in integration and testing. Additional fees will be due in other circumstances such as participation in other programs or ancillary services.

Does this mean the registries do have to pay for the services that are of benefit to the Trademark owners ? In the previous paragraph is mentioned :
> Services to Rightsholders 
> The primary services offered to rights holders are: (1) authentication as a trademark and (2) validation of proof-of-use. The first establishes that rights information meets the criteria for Clearinghouse inclusion and the second establishes that a Clearinghouse record meets the standard for Sunrise eligibility as described by ICANN, i.e., demonstration of use of the trademark. A bundled fee is expected where these services are performed together. Proof of use validation would also be available at an individual price if such is requested subsequent to the original submission of rights data for authentication. 
> The bundled fee or price for these initial services (authentication and validation) is expected to be less than USD 150 per submission. Annual renewal fees for Clearinghouse records are expected at a percentage of the initial price. The low fee requires that submissions be inexpensive and straightforward to process. Complex circumstances and additional services will add to the cost. 
> There may be additional charges if further scrutiny is required (such as a re-submission due to errors in the original submission or an appeal to the initial Clearinghouse determination). Also, non-electronic submissions might be available at a higher rate in order to cover handling costs. 

As such I understand the Trademark owners just pay a very small fee to get their name been protected while the majority of the cost is covered by the registry, which in the end means the registrant will pay for it !! 

What's ALAC's position in this ?

Rudi Vansnick

Op 21-aug-2012, om 17:56 heeft Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro het volgende geschreven:

> Dear All,
> There was a 2 day meeting which concluded today on Trademark Clearing Hose
> Draft Implementation Model that was tabled in Prague. There was much
> discussion stemming from the 2 day meeting that was productive. The
> recordings are available and hopefully will be posted on
> http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/about/trademark-
> For now here is my take on what occurred.
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