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Sorry for the late reply, I have a new computer and need to set my filters
better, as this message ended up in the spam folder.
I am not a technical guru, so I am asking the question to the ones who know.
Isn't this what China is already doing for the IDNs under .cn? The only
difference is that they are now trying to give an "official" status to the
solution, methinks. If I get it correctly, now in China you can use
[idn].[idn] because the ISPs point to a different tree, while from outside
China you need to use [idn].[idn].cn. Do I get it right?
Moreover, what are the chances that this draft gets any support in the IETF?
Personally, I have serious doubts. But it would be good to be kept informed
of the developments.

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Each ISP - large enough to obtain a TLD from IANA for this purpose - should
be allowed to create it's own DNS hierachy.

This Chinese proposal is justified by the fact that the (U.S.) centrally
managed name space represents a risk for the stable operation of the
Internet. Following this draft different name spaces are spanned, each of
them operated autonomously. Which domain names are allowed, added, or
removed; how a domain name is resolved, is soley in the hand of the

Using the typical definition, that "the Internet is the transitive closure
of all systems communicating bidirectional via Internet Protocol, which
contains the DNS root servers", the Internet is splitted by this proposal.

There is no reason to believe the rumours, that this proposal is a direct
consequence of the ICANN desaster with new gTLDs.

On the other hand, DNSSEC root keys at the end user systems define which
root have to be used in the first place. This can be used to establish and
protect the new name spaces.
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