[At-Large] [WHOIS-WG] Fwd: WHOIS Policy Review Team Final Report

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue May 15 14:05:08 UTC 2012

> Historically, going back to the interim ALAC, this group had a strong
> pro-privacy stance.  I noticed over the last 2 or 3 years that the
> statements evolved in the opposite direction, possibly under the
> influence of some who have a business interest in an open-to-anyone WHOIS.

It's true, when I arrived on the interim ALAC, it was firmly fixated on 
vanity registrants.  I think I was among the first to push it toward 
thinking about the other billion non-registrants.

If you can only imagine that the ALAC is paying attention to the people it 
was created to represent because someone was been paid off, that's really 
rather sad.


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