[At-Large] [lac-discuss-en] GigaOM article : Louis Vuitton asks for SOPA-like seizure of hundreds of websites

Derek Smythe derek at aa419.org
Tue May 15 02:28:38 UTC 2012

On 5/15/2012 3:49 AM, Karl Auerbach wrote:
> Having seen official bad acts, including police murder of a naked man, I 
> am not one to concede the height of wisdom and unbiased justice to those 
> who carry the banner of "law enforcement".

By the same token we could refer to lawyers that got greedy and
pilfered trust funds. we could talk about magistrates that turned out
to be pedophiles ....

At least the bulk of these are traceable and can be held accountable.
Bad deeds comes down to individuals. Generalizing helps nobody but
statistics would help.

If we do not allow the police to investigate crime, what do we tell
the greater unwashed that are constantly victims to cyber fraud?
Internet or not. Or do we simply accept we are now so neurotic that
police which are an integral part of law and order in civilized
society, should disappear. Then, with a big part of the enforcement
system gone, we are doomed to descend into anarchy?

And once they have somehow gotten past that not so small hurdle, what
do we tell those victims once privacy as it stands now is uncovered
and it's just more of the same old junk whois data? A lawyer in
Somalia and Hong Kong maybe who is guaranteed to obstruct any

I have no problem with privacy. I'm saying the current farce that is
held up for privacy protection should not be simply another layer for
criminals to use, whoever they may be. This simply further facilitates
crime and unaccountability.

Also note there is a big leap between saying so-and-so is a criminal,
vs referring to an incident where a criminal perpetrated a crime. If
someone sells something on the net, using a "courier" website with a
domain deliberately meant to deceive, that is fraud By the time this
pattern has repeated 10 or 20 times, there is no doubt we have a crime
with a criminal or criminals committing fraud. Likewise, if  I
register a domain to commit fraud using identity theft, it is also a

If I am in the position to identify the perpetrator, that information
goes to the relevant law authorities to trace and name the criminal.


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