[At-Large] Public Board Meeting - the Update for Prague

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I agree with Carlton.  Although about 75% of the board meetings are boring, there have definitely been a few interesting ones where you could see the Board Member's body language and personality shine through (.xxx, new gTLDs, and a few others).  When its a hot topic, the Board meetings are very insightful.


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I'm sure I may be in the minority to bemoan the passing of the usual
'public' Friday morning ICANN Board meeting.

Let us be clear I'm not just hopped off the truck here. I'm familiar enough
with these matters to recognize it for what it is principally intended;
theatre.  But in the ICANN context, even crafted theatre has its role.

First, I truly believe that for a claimed multistakeholder organisation and
while the 'public' board meeting may not have been all it could be, it was
an important indicator or attribute of the MSM, especially having regard
the global public interest.

Secondly, even if the votes are already taken, there existed an outside
chance that one may witness truly revealing 'body language' of
participants.  Maybe its because for most of my life I have always
straddled several socio-political realities. But I am socialized to be ever
mindful that one may 'feel the hand of Esau even as you hear the voice of

I can still hear Susan Crawford's cathartic farewell speech in 2008.  It
was remarkable, the response in body language of several board members told
a story.  I will concede it may not mean much, then and there.  Aferall,
the deed is done and the die is cast. But when the 'fire next time' comes,
it is instructive.

- Carlton Samuels

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