[At-Large] Tim Berners- Lee and UK Snooping

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I saw and read it with some interesting too.  Especially since deep in the
story, it finally came thru that he's not really against snooping in
principle but moreso about how it was managed:
"He said that if the government believed it was essential to collect this
kind of sensitive data about individuals, it would have to establish a
"very strong independent body" which would be able to investigate every use
of the surveillance powers to establish whether the target did pose a
threat, and whether the intrusion had produced valuable evidence.

But he said that since the coalition had not spelled out an oversight
regime, or how the data could be safely stored, "the most important thing
to do is to stop the bill as it is at the moment".
I do share his sense of foreboding on the easy ride we give Facebook and
Google in relation to this same issue.  And the sense that a backlash is

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