[At-Large] Now, for the next big thing

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 12:22:19 UTC 2012

> Do you understand the relationship between ISOC and IETF? This is a similar relationship between ICANN and IANA.

Sure I do, I was in Copenhagen in 1991 when it was proposed, have
being one of the pioneer members since launched in 1992, and started
the ISOC AR Chapter in 1995.

IMHO IETF and IANA are slightly different type of animals, so ISOC
(even as it changed over time) are different type of zookeepers.

While IETF has been invaded with attorneys, trolls, lobbyists and IP
issues (no the addresses), ICANN is full of it.

The spirit and idea behind the creation of both organizations was
essentially to create a protective umbrella for the activities of IETF
and IANA, IANA initially was under ISOC's umbrella and Jon's
direction, when DNS became a big thing and pressure mounted to take
control of it (don't know how many know when Postel tried a move to
get it out of the hands of the USG) and expand the name space ICANN
was born, but it turned to be an organization quite different than the
one envisioned in the early days, one that after ten years still keeps
discussing how to define its constituency and creating all sorts of
smoke screens to argue that the multistakeholder model works.

Just my opinion

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