[At-Large] Now, for the next big thing

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Thu Jan 19 08:28:42 UTC 2012

I would say, in favour of ICANN ,that policies around  IP addresses are
very much in the hands of RIRs.
As you say, there is no money to be made.  IP addresses are not a
distinctive sign.  No-one cares which IP addresses he/she gets, as long
as they get enough and are routeable.  This is outside ICANN's remit.

ICANN has sent out some messages to raise awareness last year.  They
enabled IPv6 on the L-root and IANA/ICANN   Internet-facing
infrastructure . They are  acting  as examplary  in this case.

They could send out a message saying they support and applaud to ISOC's
initiative, make some noise around it, etc.
I am afraid that will not help much.  It is your/my ISP  that needs to
get involved. 


On 18/01/12 15:33, Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> ICANN is focused so hard on the money-making gTLD launch that it may have
> taken its eye off the ball in a globally far-more-important function (IMO),
> ensuring the world doesn't run out of IP addresses.
> Do we have a role to play in putting this back on ICANN's agenda as its #1
> issue going forward?
> TLDs just affects the directory services, and the scarcity is arguably
> artificial. Availability of IP addresses is a real issue that affects
> availability and connectivity, which to me is fundamentally more important
> than domain names.
> What is ICANN doing on, and to promote awareness of, June
> 6?<http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/ipv6-countdown-to-launch.html>

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