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Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 04:54:00 UTC 2012

Actually I don't think that "ICANN runs IANA". The USG "runs" IANA
being ICANN a contractor to fund and manage its operations.

I'd hope that besides being sort of the "custodian" of the DNSSEC root
keys and in charge of somehow manage the process for their generation,
ICANN does not assume any day-to-day operational role of any piece of
Internet infrastructure.

Going back to the IP address space, some people still argue that there
is not a big compelling business case to put IPv6 deployment as a top
priority, ie. how much money I can make by doing it ? others (as the
Japanese since day one) see it as an strategic move to have a
technological and market advantage, but overall the rate of deployment
and adoption is very low, particularly in the US.

>From the different pieces that are part of the Internet infrastructure
puzzle is easy to note that the DNS has been highly monetized, given
that it has created a multibillion dollar industry,  IP address space
by itself has no value given that without routing an IP prefix is
useless, so there is some monetization associated with routing (have
you ever seen how funny some peering agreements are ?), now scarcity
of IPv4 space will make it a rare commodity, then those who still need
address space to keep growing at a lower cost than having to deploy
IPv6 will be open to trade and put some value to it. In the past (I've
been involved in many ISP/WH acquisitions) IP address space was not
considered an asset with incidence on the valuation of the company to
be acquired, we even went to the painful process to renumber big
chunks of old IPv4 space for better CIDR aggregation, today some
acquisitions are driven and valued based on how big an IPv4 address
chunk the prospect company may have.

There is not much money to milk out of the IP address space as it is
from DNS, then the ICANN ecosystem will not pay much attention to it.
I don't think that you will ever see any T-Shirts with an IPv6 prefix
as you see dotSH1T or similar being wear on ICANN's meetings.

What ICANN can do ? Probably not much, it may probably put some budget
to be "politically correct" and do some noise promoting the adoption
of IPv6, and at least make sure that the DNS infrastructure supports
it (there are still many TLDs that have ZERO servers with IPv6

My .02

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 3:24 PM, Franck Martin <franck.martin at gmail.com> wrote:
> "ICANN runs IANA" the same way that "ISOC runs IETF"
> Once you understand that, you understand why IP is never really on ICANN agenda.
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>> Probably no interest until somebody figures how to Trademark an IP
>> address and claim ownership to it
> I fear you're right, which just shows how totally corrupt and venal ICANN
> is.
> ICANN runs IANA, which is the ultimate allocator of IP space. If they were
> doing their job, which they somewhat did when Vint was chair, they would
> be pushing IPv6 implementation to limit the instability due to kludges as
> people overload their limited IPv4 space.
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