[At-Large] [ALAC-Internal] GNSO Council Motion on Cross-Community Working Groups

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Tue Jan 17 23:08:46 UTC 2012

Thanks for your follow-up Alan, Evan and Sala, and thanks for the note,

On 17/01/2012 23:35, Alan Greenberg wrote :
> The GNSO meeting where this will be discussed is 
> on Thursday at 11:00 UTC. If anyone has any input 
> for me as the formal ALAC Liaison, please get it 
> to me as soon as possible (the meeting is at 
> 06:00 my time, so I will be offline for the 
> several hours preceding the meeting). As I cannot 
> make suggestions for formal changes to the 
> motion, please make sure to copy Bill as well.

I note that the proposed GNSO Council motion mentions:
"requests staff to disseminate them to the Chairs of the Supporting
Organizations and Advisory Committees asking them to provide input to
the GNSO Council in 60 days on both the principles themselves and the
route forward for community-wide adoption or development of a related
set of principles for the operation of Cross-Community Working Groups"

So if this motion gets passed, we'll have plenty of time to formulate a
full response rather than being tempted to shoot from the hip at 24h's
notice, which would effectively be carrying comments from individuals to
the GNSO council meeting, not the views of the ALAC.

Kindest regards,


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