[At-Large] Notice of Motion: update to ALAC advice on gTLDs

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue Dec 20 21:56:30 UTC 2011

> 1) I don't see why ubiquity is necessary

Because the DNS is supposed to be managed for the benefit of the public. 
It's the same reason that .CANON and other single-registrant domains are a 
bad idea.

> 2) Did you actually watch the video?

No, I'd rather do arithmetic on verifiable facts.  I also have to wonder 
about .ASIA's long term viability.  If they have under 200K domains, since 
their registry fee is $10, their annual revenue is under $2M.  They 
probably pay half of that to Afilias to manage the registry, and you can't 
pay much of a staff on under $1M/yr.


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