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Don't think Bill will mind me forwarding this email.



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Subject: [NCSG-Discuss] Open letter to ICANN from the Legal Counsels of
intergovernmental organizations
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As expected, the UN and other public intergovernmental organizations are
now demanding that their names and acronyms be protected---not only at the
top, but the second level as well—"Consistent with the rationale for
protection envisaged for the important causes represented by the
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the
International Olympic Committee."  The door has been opened, why wouldn't
they want to go through it?

The letter is attached below.  Kieren has an article on this at
http://news.dot-nxt.com/2011/12/14/igos-special-gtld-exemption.  While I
agree with him that there is no chance of a TLD application with an
international organization's name or acronym making it through the
application process anyway, that the second level demand is problematic,
and that the guidebook mechanisms would seem sufficient, it's not obvious
that ICANN can easily tell these organizations to just chill out and expect
them to go away.

On last Thursday's Council call Wolfgang and I raised questions about how
GNSO & ICANN would deal with this.  There's a GNSO group being formed to
work on the RC & IOC, but apparently no consideration of expanding its
remit at this time.  Clearly, there will have to be a broader discussion
about the relative merits of transforming the Reserved Names list into a
broad "rights protection" mechanism. GAC has argued that reserving RC & IOC
are required by ICANN's public interest mandate; presumably we'll be
hearing the same here.  The intersection of the DNS and state-related
claims raises a host of issues which NC may wish to consider and weigh in



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In the context of our own discussions at the end of last week's meeting,
please see below the message I was copied on last Friday.


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Dear Sirs,****
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Several additional International Organizations have signed on to the open
letter transmitted to you on 13 December.  You will find enclosed the same
letter containing an updated list of signatories.****
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We take this opportunity to also copy the letter to the GNSO President
Stephane Van Gelder and the ALAC Chair Olivier Crepin-Leblond.****
** **
Sincerely yours,****
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