[At-Large] WHOIS must die

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Sat Nov 26 07:12:21 UTC 2011

On 11/25/2011 07:27 PM, Bill Silverstein wrote:

>   I don't think that Karl is being paid, but is misguided.

If my dislike of vigilante methods is "misguided" then I am very, very
glad to be misguided.

And I am very sad to learn that those who are, what is the opposite of
"misguided"?  "guided"? .. That those who are "guided" apparently
believe that everyone not waving their flag is a presumptive criminal
who deserves no protection or rights.

Why do you shy from a procedure in which those who accuse would be
required to identify themselves, to be required to state their accusal,
and be required to provide at least a modicum of proof to support that

Why do you shy from a principle which has been one of the foundation
stones of western concepts of justice for centuries?


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