[At-Large] Issue Report on Thick Whois

Bill Silverstein icann-list at sorehands.com
Thu Nov 24 18:35:40 UTC 2011

> On 24/11/11 15:32, Neil Schwartzman wrote:
>> I'm also wondering have you ever conducted an abuse investigation
>> yourselves, or i this just theoretical for you?
> No. I did not conduct any abuse investigation.  I have no standing to do
> so. I am just an ordinary citizen. I trust the relevant authorities to
> do this job.
> Patrick

In the USA and many cities, the public are asked to provide police with
tips and information.

I have done investigations myself and provided information to the FBI, the
FTC, and the IRS. I tracked whois information for spam advertising Robert
Soloway's sites. This whois information was for a person who didn't know
what the unauthorized domain name registration charge was. I explained it
to him, and put him in touch with a specific person at the FBI and later
Soloway was arrested. Without access to the whois information, I would not
have been able to put provide the information to the FBI and they would
not have done anything about a simple spam complaint.

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