[At-Large] Fwd: [ NNSquad ] Botnets buying up IPv4 address space

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Hi Siva,

I posted this to nanog for comment. There seemed to be consensus that this
is scaremongering.  this was probably the best response:

> The author has drawn a relationship between a lot of unrelated things.
> Hackers and spammers "rent" IP addresses all the time, and have done
> so for two decades. It's called, "Here's my money for colo hosting
> service and I need some IP addresses to go along with it." Nothing has
> changed as a result of IPv4 depletion.
> Botnets are hacked machines. They come with their own IP addresses
> scattered about the globe and don't require any particular source. No
> relation to IPv4 depletion and only tangentially related to the
> "bulletproof hosting" that supplies IP addresses for the C&C servers.
> As for auctioning IP blocks, my experience is that hackers don't
> bother. If they want IP addresses beyond what the colo provider
> offers, they steal them: find a block of addresses not routed on the
> public Internet and forge LoAs they present to their ISP. They're
> going to lose them anyway, so why bother paying money?
> Regards,
> Bill Herrin

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> Subject: [ NNSquad ] Botnets buying up IPv4 address space
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> Botnets buying up IPv4 address space
> http://j.mp/nMJ5Lr  (Threat Post)
>   "Now, in one effort to get around these systems, some attackers are
>    taking advantage of the lack of IPV4 space by either purchasing or
>    renting blocks of IP space with good reputations that have been built
>    up over the course of several years. A number of legitimate trading
>    and auction sites have appeared as the IPV4 space became scarcer, and
>    the attackers have gotten involved as well, getting their hands on
>    known good IP blocks and using them for C&C or hosting malware."
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