[At-Large] Chiba response to FNOI

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Wed Jul 27 06:25:13 UTC 2011

Just found this in my inbox.


Nice to know China is steadfast in its support of the multi-stakeholder
model, key paras:

Thirdly, according to C3.1 to C3.3 of the IANA contract, ICANN only submit
> reports to U.S government alone which authorizes the process to  modify,
> add and delete the entries in root zone files. Because of such constraints,as well as ICANN, as a private incorporation in California, should comply
> with the California law. It is difficult for ICANN to implement an open,
> fair process and be responsive to all the other governments and
> stakeholders. As a result, the accountability and transparency of ICANN can
> not be enhanced to meet the vision of multi-stakeholder governance model.
> Internet Society of China is of the opinion that the relevant arrangements
> should be reconsidered.
> Fourthly, as the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance has beening
> gradually taking shape, Internet Society of China believe that all stakeholders
> should equally be endowed with the participation right, information right
> and supervision right over IANA function to ensure that the accountability
> and transparency of IANA-related decision-making is recognized by all
> stakeholders.

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