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Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Thu Jul 21 18:08:52 UTC 2011

> Good evening:
> Independently of whoever ALAC selects to fulfill this important task  
> in the WHOIS Working Group, allow me to draw attention to a possible  
> scheduling problem, which might aggravate the conditions under which  
> this work could be completed.
> 1.	The WHOIS Review Team Discussion Paper, dated June 2011 has a  
> deadline for comments 23 July 2011. The day after tomorrow. So be it.
> 	The Discussion Paper makes no reference to any on-going or  
> prospective WHOIS studies.
> 2.	On 12 July ICANN posted a request for proposals for WHOIS  
> Consumer Trust Research. The deadline for applications is 25 July  
> 2011. The deadline for completing a contract is not stated.
> 	The work is supposed to start on 15 August and be completed by 19  
> September.
> 	The work includes " ... online surveys on a global scope in  
> multiple languages and scripts, compile and analyze the results and  
> report findings. The findings should be presented in both an  
> overview and with appendices that show supporting details. A minimum  
> of ten (10) key countries is required and must be reasonably  
> distributed across countries in the Asia Pacific region, the  
> Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa and shall include, at  
> least, three developing countries. The surveys must collect a  
> minimum of 100 responses per country. Surveys should be conducted in  
> the language that is local for each country. A fair and balanced  
> approach must be employed to canvass all age and gender groups  
> equally."
> It is also stated that "... The WHOIS Review Team is planning to  
> prepare its preliminary findings and recommendations in September  
> 2011. The results of this research are viewed as a critical input  
> for that task."
> Independently of the merits of attempting to consult the general  
> public about Consumer Trust in WHOIS, (the document refers to a  
> statistical sample of  a 'minimum'  of 1,000 responses, world  
> wide ... ) the proposed schedule appears unrealistic. Particularly  
> if the WHOIS working group intends to hold a final face to face  
> meeting in Los Angeles in September.
> Are there any other ICANN WHOIS studies going on in this context?
> Just a few thoughts,
> CW
> On 12 Jul 2011, at 00:53, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> due to an At-Large representative having sent his resignation from  
>> the
>> WHOIS Review Team because of increased work pressures, there is an
>> opening for an At-Large member in this very important group which was
>> created under the wider Affirmation of Commitments Reviews.
>> The original call for applicants was made in June 2010 and can be  
>> found
>> under:
>> http://www.icann.org/en/reviews/affirmation/call-for-applicants-01jun10-en.pdf
>> So far, about half of the Team's work has been completed. It is
>> therefore very important for At-Large to propose a replacement  
>> candidate.
>> The difference between the original call and the one we are making  
>> now,
>> is procedural - in that we are trying to fill an empty slot as soon  
>> as
>> possible.
>> To familiarise yourself with the Team's work, please consult its  
>> current
>> discussion paper, available for public comment from:
>> http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-09jun11-en.htm
>> The WHOIS-RT plan is to have a face-to-face meeting in Marina del Rey
>> (Los Angeles) in September and to have a draft final report ready  
>> around
>> the Dakar meeting.
>> This means that any candidate should be prepared to travel - and work
>> hard in the next few months.
>> How to Apply:
>> Send a copy of your CV (maximum 3 pages) in English, a one-page
>> motivation letter and an SOI (Statement of Interest), to:
>> staff at atlarge.icann.org
>> The SOI should answer the following questions:
>> 1. Current vocation, employer and position
>> 2. Type of work performed in #1 above
>> 3. Identify any financial ownership or senior management/leadership
>> interest in registries, registrars or other firms that are interested
>> parties in ICANN policy or any entity with which ICANN has a
>> transaction, contract, or other arrangement.
>> 4. Identify any type of commercial or non-commercial interest in  
>> GNSO policy development processes and outcomes. Are you representing
>> other parties? Describe any arrangements/agreements between you and  
>> any
>> other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your
>> nomination/selection as a work team member. Describe any tangible or
>> intangible benefit that you receive from participation in such
>> processes. For example, if you are an academic or NGO and use your
>> position to advance your ability to participate, this should be a  
>> part
>> of the statement of interest, just as should employment by a  
>> contracted
>> party, or a business relationship with a non- contracted party who  
>> has
>> an interest in policy outcomes.
>> 5. Are you a member of a GNSO Constituency / Stakeholder Group, and  
>> if
>> yes, which one(s)?
>> ICANN At-Large staff will compile the details and after the  
>> deadline for
>> applications which we're setting at Friday 22 July 2011, will forward
>> those for consideration by the GAC Chair and ICANN President/CEO who
>> will make the selection.
>> Ideally, we'd like this position to be applied for by someone who  
>> is not
>> in the "usual suspects" list.
>> Best regards,
>> Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
>> ALAC Chair
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