[At-Large] IPv4 or what is left of it...

Franck Martin franck.martin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 21:44:07 UTC 2011

Yes APNIC is still allocating, but they are in careful mode...

I would have allocated so that all RIRs reach the same point more or less at the same time. Seems like ARIN may take a year or two before reaching the end of its pool.

May be something like:



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Hi franck,

Whlle we could have a discussion it would be more capacity building than
debate, as others have noted, the final allocations have been made.

Afaik, apnic is still allocating and assigning ipv4.  According to the
global policies developed using the global pdp, each RIR was allocated one
/8, when the IANA pool reached 5. How would you have divided up the pool?

Why do you say "stuck"? Apnic has the most liberal IPv4 transfer policies in
the world.  In any case, there are several economies in asia that are
leading in ipv6 adoption which has led to bleeding edge mobile internet

Rgds, McTim

On Jun 18, 2011 10:08 AM, "Franck Martin" <franck.martin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Everyone talks about TLDs, etc... but IPs are also part of ICANN mandate.
> What I notice is that, APNIC is not anymore handing over IPv4 to anyone.
RIPE pool of IPv4 is slowly decreasing, but ARIN pool is barely decreasing.
> It means that the AP region is stuck to move to IPv6 while NA region has
no incentive.
> Should there not be a better redistribution of the left over IPs over the
RIR, to put all regions on same footing?
> I feel there is a debate worth having at ALAC?
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