[At-Large] Call for Expertise for a drafting team to develop a Whois Service Requirements survey

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Fri May 27 11:13:03 UTC 2011


Dear Alan, 

So, here they want to "develop a survey to estimate
the level of agreement that the conclusions and assumptions in the
Inventory of Whois Service Requirements Report of 29 July 2010 have in
the ICANN community". I am not sure this is even necessary, because they
report was already the result of a large consultation. Obviously, the
"level of agreement" measured through a survey will change depending
which part of the community is asked to reply.  

If it is just a public
survey where everyone can participate, a bit like the open microphone
sessions, I trust the IPR community will lobby hard against the
authentication/authorization/privacy matters. 

My question to the GNSO
would be to first ask for a clear view of the target population of this
survey and how the various parts of the community will be weighted in
compiling the final results.  



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