[At-Large] Privacy and domain abuse vs the IP constituency

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Mon May 9 19:50:23 UTC 2011

>> Wow, you really are completely unfamiliar with the way the Internet works.
> Perhaps a better way to express the thought above is that we aspire to a
> kind of net governance in which domain name suspensions occur only
> through well defined procedures that are good enough to be considered by
> most of us as conforming to our notions of "due process".

Hypothetically, that would be very nice.  Meanwhile, on the actual 
Internet, registrars routinely turn down thousands of domains every day 
just to keep up with the pillz, phish, and other crimeware.  There's 
certainly room for improvement, but to me it's impressive that they screw 
up as infrequently as they do.

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