[At-Large] Privacy and domain abuse vs the IP constituency

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Sun May 8 12:42:22 UTC 2011

On 08 May 2011, at 01:34, Derek Smythe wrote:

> Why do we expect domains to be different? Virtual maybe, but not the
> potential for harm through deception.
> Domains are only part and parcel of the bigger issue at hand, but
> vital in some instances.
> Let's rather ask why domains should be exempt from normal real world
> issues?

Indeed. Domain names are no different from any other means used to deceive, extort or steal other people. 
The Internet is no different from the rest of the society. Hence, crime on the Internet should be handled by the same actors as the rest of crimes.
Surely, private investigators can report suspected criminal activities to LEA, and obviously, registrars, registries, ISPs  should honour requests originating form legitimate law enforcement entities. 

Now, the fact that LEAs may not be efficient in fighting crime, especially in an international context, is no reason to build a parallel enforcement system run entirely by the private sector with no accountability to the rest of the society.
Surely, LEAs could do better. But we should help them by providing the information we have, rather than trying to judge and punish ourself. 


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