[At-Large] WHOIS Review Team Followup Meeting

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Tue May 3 15:55:57 UTC 2011

Dear All:
You would have by now be aware that a WHOIS Review Team was announced.
Public comments on specific areas of its mandate are being solicited thru
April 17, 2011.  See

Your feedback was also solicited before and after the ALAC developed and
posted its Statement on the WHOIS Review Team in response to these Terms of
Reference reflected in the public announcement.  See:

The WHOIS Review Team has proposed a followup meeting with the At-Large for
Singapore.    Your further inputs are now being solicited for representation
at this meeting.

You may send your comments directly to the At-Large WHOIS WG list at
whois-wg at atlarge-lists.icann.org.

Kind regards,
Carlton Samuels


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