[At-Large] [NA-Discuss] Edits and comments to NARALO/ALAC position statement on GAC scorecard

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Sat Mar 26 02:39:49 UTC 2011

Hi Antony,

Thanks for your input. I've made some changes to the draft document to
address issues you raised:

   - I've clarified the general position of trademark issues so that it
   *We support the Scorecard's name-protection measures which are consistent
   with the STI consensus recommendations, subject to the ALAC minority report
   on the STI

   - Support for 6.1.3 (going beyond exact matches for IP claims) did slip
   through accidentally; that has been fixed.
   The Statement already indicates that the ALAC opposes going beyond exact
   matches for the URS (#6.2.13)

Thanks especially for the catch on 6.1.3.

*Categories are implicity problematic and despite what the authors have
> written and what ALAC might feel on the subject, they have been rejected by
> the entire community time and time again.*

So... Despite what ALAC might want, you assert that "the entire community"
has rejected categories. It logically follows that, in your opinion, ALAC is
outside "the entire community". That's unfortunate.

- Evan

PS: If you're going to insist mentioning me by name in all of your emails.
you could at least make a minimal attempt to spell my name right.

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