[At-Large] Audio of Influencing ICANN: What Role Will World Governments Have Over Internet Domain Functions?

Cintra Sooknanan cintra.sooknanan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 17:19:57 UTC 2011

Dear All,

Please see the excerpt and link below. Audio of the meeting is available on
the webpage.

"On March 21, 2011, just days after ICANN* rejected the advice of its
Government Advisory Committee and allowed the creation of .XXX, the
Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee hosted a panel on
"Influencing ICANN: Do World Governments Want More Control Over Internet
Domain Functions?" This is a follow up briefing for our closely related 2009
briefing "The Future of the U.S. Government's Role in ICANN, Internet
Addressing and Internet Governance.<http://netcaucus.org/events/2009/icann/>

Congressional interest in this important area of Internet architecture is
obvious. Governmental control over Internet functions takes on new
significance in light of the extraordinary events recently in Tunisia, Egypt
and Libya fueled by Internet communications. Further, Congress continues to
express concern over the impact of the Internet on intellectual property
interests, which may be implicated by ICANN decisions."




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