[At-Large] YouTube Restricted In Japan?

Izumi AIZU iza at anr.org
Fri Mar 18 15:13:26 UTC 2011

>From the link at YouTube you sent, I watched it, and there is no mention
of YouTube blocking contrary to the heading. So I am confused what
exactly Joe would like to raise.

At least, the guy in the video is showing some TV program, entertainment,
and claims as if the whole broadcast in Japan is not reporting about the
quake and nuclear power station problem. That is non-sense. Almost
all other TV channels, other than the one he picked up, Chanel 12,
have been covering most of what is going on.

There are many efforts to provide accurate information via Internet
to foreign residents in Japan including multilingual languages now.


So, if you stay calm and look for information online, there are ways to
grasp the truth.

I do understand the fear by foreign residents in Japan, and want to go outside
the country. That could and would happen to Japanese if a nuclear power plant
near London or New York goes wrong.

But, making this YouTube with very different headline seemed to me still
non-sense. There is no blocking for us. I don't know what US military does.
And that is not MY business now.

Yet, scientists offer different views on the degree of real danger to
your health,
and the ones I trust are not that extreme. You choose what you want to read,
sometimes, yes.

For non-essential people, you can leave, and sometimes better to leave,
go back to join family like some of my friends are doing. BUT that is
quite different from us, the residents, we have little choice and we remain
very calm and keeping the order. Do our duty first, is what we commonly
share these days.

So please do not mix the issues and confuse the people, especially
on this list of ICANN AtLarge.

Sorry, I will close this here.


2011/3/18 Joe Baptista <baptista at publicroot.org>:
> Several experts have confirmed the situation is very serious. You may
> have heard the US military are evacuating non essential personnel as
> of Yesterday. Check it out ..
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAo7YlU-eWk
> I know scientists over in Japan who are recoding dangerous levels of
> radiation in major cities like Tokyo. Radiation sickness has been
> reported in Chiba (not sure of the spelling).
> As for the original story your claim it is nonsense is ridiculous.
> Unless you have been unable to deny the claim Youtube was blocked in
> Japan. All I know is the US military has blocked it. Is that what your
> saying is nonsense that youtube was blocked in Japan?
> The original story is just about someone in Japan who has a family and
> is frightened they are in harms way. He and his family can't afford to
> get out of the city and he is scared and frustrated. Completely
> understandable. Radiation sickness is a bummer of a way to go. And if
> you survive it - the toll is for the rest of your short life. So it is
> understandable the man is concerned.
> It's the youtube issue that I'm curious about. Has youtube been turned
> off in Japan or is the proper story the US military turned it off for
> themselves. Thats what I suspect has happened.
> So many frightened non essential personnel are using too much
> bandwidth connecting to foreign news services on youtube. They are the
> only news services in fact reporting the dangers. The American and
> Japanese media are doing their best to confuse the issue instead of
> reporting the facts. It's like watching a genocide comedy.
> What a world ...
> regards
> joe baptista
> On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 11:18 PM, Izumi AIZU <iza at anr.org> wrote:
>> WHole nonsense.
>> I wrote this there.
>> Please be calm, and objective. There are many TV channels in Japan,
>> picking up only one, only one program and extend as if it represents
>> the whole situation is very dangerous. There are many reports from
>> Japan to outside world. Use Google, for example.  CNN and BBC are not
>> the only sources. YouTube is just usual. No restriction known
>> whatsoever.
>> izumi
>> 2011/3/18 Joe Baptista <baptista at publicroot.org>:
>>> Can anyone confirm this?
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbYjc-bsmkM
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