[At-Large] Ars Technica : Illegal TV streamers, here's how the feds will hunt you down

Dev Anand Teelucksingh admin at ttcsweb.org
Fri Mar 4 03:50:46 UTC 2011

"When the US government decides to take down a website offering access
to free TV streams over the Internet, it doesn't mess around. Newly
unsealed court documents show that Brian McCarthy, the 32-year old
alleged operator of Channelsurfing.net, got the complete
treatment—investigators dug into his domain name registrar, his ISP,
his Gmail account, his ad brokers, and the Texas driver's license
database. They even sent a surveillance team to the Deer Park, Texas
home where McCarthy lived with his parents.

McCarthy had his Channelsurfing.net domain name seized on February 1
as part of the controversial "In Our Sites" investigation from
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). That program seizes domain
names, often of foreign websites, without an adversarial hearing;
special agents simply convince a federal judge that the domain should
be seized, and it is. Domains are replaced with an ICE logo and
explanation that they now belong to the US government."

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