[At-Large] DNSSEC and end users

Antony Van Couvering avc at namesatwork.com
Wed Feb 9 08:04:28 UTC 2011

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for asking. 

I think that ultimately the web is for the benefit of the people who use it.  So is DNSSEC.  I am uncomfortable with the idea of not telling people what's going on (giving them a message) because they might do the "wrong" thing.  I think there has to be a very compelling reason to withhold information from users, and the "users are stupid" argument is not a good one in my opinion. 

I hope that helps,


On Feb 8, 2011, at 11:20 PM, Patrick Vande Walle wrote:

> Good morning to all, 
> This is your SSAC liaison speaking. I am
> requesting your thoughts on what expected impact DNSSEC will have on end
> users. My goal is to contribute ideas to the the agenda of the DNSSEC
> sessions at the San Francisco meeting. 
> Currently, with DNSSEC enabled
> on the DNS resolver you use (typically, the one assigned to you by your
> ISP), a domain name failing DNSSEC resolution returns a code to your
> browser saying the domain does not exist. You would get a blank page
> displayed in your browser saying the domain is unreachable, similar to
> what you get when you type an invalid domain name in the browser bar.
> Some suggest that browsers should return a warning instead, similar to
> the one you get with an invalid SSL certificate. The counter-argument to
> this is that most users tend to ignore these warnings anyway and just
> click OK to go ahead. Further, some say that ISP support desks will get
> lots of calls from customers complaining about "the Internet is not
> working" if users are annoyed by pop-up messages, for what appears to be
> legitimate domain names. 
> Obviously, I do not claim that the Internet
> is just the web. But is is right now the most visible part and the one
> which requires direct interaction from the user. 
> I am interested in
> your thoughts about this. 
> Patrick Vande Walle 
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